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About Magician Oliver

Who is the person behind the magician

Where the story begins

For over two decades, the passion for magic has been a defining element in Oliver’s life. His expertise and skill at captivating audiences with his mind-boggling performances are unparalleled – even skeptics cannot help but be amazed and enthralled by him.


Oliver began dabbling in the magical arts from an early age, performing tricks and honing his skills before temporarily shifting focus to football as his main interest. However, it was during high school that he rediscovered his love for magic after encountering a close-up magician who reignited this flame within him.

Determined to pursue this calling professionally, Oliver took on gigs at Essen’s GOP Varieté-Theater restaurant where he received positive feedback on debut shows which further strengthened his resolve to become a freelance magician. With years of experience under his belt now, there is no doubt that you will be left spellbound by Oliver’s incredible talent!

Oliver’s talent for show business and magic was quickly recognized by his early supporters, leading to invitations to perform at public events hosted by the GOP on a much larger scale. He used these opportunities to refine his unique style as a close-up magician with passion and dedication, creating an exceptional brand that remains integral to his artistic reputation today.

Oliver Henke


Magician // Mentalist

Oliver Henke

Even after completing training as an industrial clerk in between, Oliver’s advanced career as a magician remained uninterrupted. He renewed his commitment towards devoting himself entirely towards sophisticated magic and entertainment art for discerning audiences. In the following years, he dedicated all of his energy and creativity into realizing this ambition – achieving resounding success evident from the rapidly increasing popularity of spectacular shows & performances.

Experience Oliver in his passion for magic


Today Oliver has established himself firmly among elite magicians through magical prowess combined with captivating personality traits such as empathy which allows him insight into audience preferences resulting in satisfied clients across numerous European cities where he performed over ten times!

Oliver has now managed to become a recognized master of magic. His impressive skills are known far beyond Germany and enjoy great popularity even in other European countries. Do not miss the unique chance to attend one of Oliver’s enchanting shows.

Der Zauberer Köln bei einer Zaubershow in Köln. Magier Oliver Henke spricht mit einem Zuschauer.

“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dahl

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