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Stage Show
"Mental Delusion."

Zaubershow & Mentalshow von Magier Oliver Henke

Make it an unforgettable experience
that they will cherish forever.

Are you looking for a spectacular act for your next corporate event? Then “Illusions of the Senses,” the show by Oliver Henke, is exactly what you need! This brand-new show combines high-quality magic and intelligent mentalism, leaving even the most critical audience members speechless.

With the question “How did he do that?” Oliver will astonish both you and your guests alike. The magical moments he creates captivate your guests and ensure an unforgettable event that will be remembered for a long time.

Bühnenshow mit Zauberer & Magier Oliver Henke

Magic Show Demo


The different Show act

Elevate your upcoming event to an unparalleled level

Are you in search of an exceptional entertainment experience?

Elevate the ambiance at your upcoming event by hiring magician and mentalist Oliver Henke and his stage show “Mental Delusion”. He will leave your guests spellbound and amazed?

Our shows are tailored to meet the needs of any audience size, ranging from 5 – 1,000 individuals. The duration of our performances can be adjusted between 20-90 minutes based on your specific requirements.

Our productions have been designed with minimal technical demands in mind so that you can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience every time!

unforgettable live experience

We are planning
your custom show act

Magician Oliver Henke interacts with the audience and lets them actively participate in the magicshow. Through clever tricks and illusions, he amazes the audience and causes amazement and enthusiasm.

The fascinating magic show is an experience for all senses and offers entertainment at the highest level.

Zauberer Oliver Henke steht auf einer Bühne in Köln und spricht mit dem Publikum
Zauberer Oliver Henke steht vor einem staunendem Publikum

Let’s create an experience at your event!

Through magic, our factory hall was transformed into a magical environment and contributed significantly to the smooth running of our festive days. Her sovereign performance has completely thrilled and impressed us all.
T. Oelmann
SMS Elotherm GmbH
You are aware that engineers are particularly demanding in terms of magic skills. Nevertheless, you quickly wowed us and challenged our skills as well as our understanding of physics. Your convincing performance impressed us!
Dr. J. Stinnesbeck
E.on Engineering b.v. Rotterdam
Oliver Henke enthralled around 130 guests at an exclusive gala evening in Munich. His dedication and openness enabled him to immediately captivate the audience and enchant them in a way that no other artist can. We were completely satisfied with his performance and would book or recommend him again without hesitation.
Agentur Comeo
FAQ about the show act

Our show act is extremely flexible and can be perfectly tailored to your event. We offer a wide range of options to ensure that the performance meets your exact requirements. Usually our stage show lasts between 15 and 90 minutes – but we are always ready to extend or adapt it.

We put great emphasis on presenting you with a compact and high-quality act. Our artists have gained years of experience in this field and know exactly how to thrill the audience! If you wish we can extend the show act to a duration of 45 minutes or even have two sets of 25 minutes each played.

Magician Oliver Henke has developed a fascinating show act that can also be presented without a stage. Although different from his stage show, it is very similar to it and is guaranteed to amaze you! You will receive the specific requirements for this unique performance in the offer.

Please note, however, that in order to get the most out of this experience and get the full effect, seating is required – ideally for up to 100 guests. Also, a sound system must be available on site.
Don’t hesitate any longer and book this unforgettable performance now!

To present an impressive and first-class show on stage, certain requirements must be met. These requirements are laid down in the stage instructions and play a crucial role in the professionalism of the performance. It is of great importance to ensure that all requirements are met in order to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

While some of the tricks may differ from a regular Show Act, this is simply due to variations in presentation. Over the past three years, Oliver has performed this act approximately ten times per year for one particular client and their diverse array of customers. We would be delighted to provide you with our customer’s contact information so that they can serve as an excellent reference for us!

Don’t hesitate – book now and experience a magical show filled with astonishing WOW moments!

We look forward to hearing from you
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