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"The secret guest"

Zauberer Köln in unterschiedlichen Fasetten
Close-up Magic
Close up Magier Oliver Henke verzaubert Nelson Müller´s Küchenparty 2019

Demo Video


Close-up Magician and Mindreader

Oliver Henke

The most incredible and awe-inspiring magic tricks take place right before your very eyes, even in the palms of your own hands!

Thanks to his impressive skills and many years of experience, Oliver moves effortlessly on the business floor. His motto “Close-up Magic meets Business” makes him the perfect icebreaker, party starter and sophisticated entertainer all in one. He easily manages to bring people together who were previously unknown to each other.

Besides his extraordinary illusions and mind reading, he inspires with his stylish appearance as well as charming entertainment values – unforgettable performances are guaranteed!

Whether German or English does not matter.

Your excitement is guaranteed
Get ready to be thrilled!

As a close-up magician, he always performs discreetly and adapts his performances to any environment – so guests won’t even notice at first that they have just witnessed a spectacular show act!

Already at the reception of formal events, he provides amazing moments full of surprise, amazement and laughter – an atmosphere made for successfully kicking off the event!

Let me entertain you

Your excitement
is guaranteed!

Oliver has become one of the most sought-after close-up magicians in Germany due to his exceptional skills as a full-blooded magician, which have led to high demand for his services in the field of sophisticated entertainment.

He has captivated thousands of spectators with his fabulous abilities at various events such as business functions, galas, private celebrations and weddings..

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FAQ about Close-up Magic

When it comes to artistic performance, Close-up Magic is typically presented directly in front of a group of spectators. Unlike Stand-up Shows, this type of magic is usually performed while seated.

In modern times, Close-up Magic has become closely associated with Tischzauberei (table magic). That’s why you’ll find both terms on my website – they’re essentially one and the same thing: an amazing display of magic happening right before your eyes!

Unlike a magic show, our performance can be tailored to fit your event and the number of guests attending. We move from group to group, presenting small shows that are perfectly suited for each audience.

Here’s what you need to know about table magic:

As a general guideline, it takes approximately 60-90 minutes per 100 guests for us to work our enchanting skills on them. You can book Oliver for up to four hours at your event!

Table Magic is perfect even when planning large events with hundreds of attendees! If this is the case we suggest hiring an additional close-up magician or table performer in order ensure everyone gets their fair share of wonderment! Fortunately enough – Oliver works closely with several talented colleagues so there’s no need for you go searching elsewhere again…

What kind of magic tricks do you showcase?

This is a question that’s frequently asked, and Oliver provides glimpses into the type and style of his modern magic performances through his videos. He doesn’t rely on outdated stories but instead showcases contemporary illusions with some classic ones thrown in for good measure – only those which have stood the test of time can be considered classics.

Branding & customized giveaways

Oliver offers an exceptional service to make your events more memorable by incorporating branded playing cards as part of his magical performance. Additionally, he has other options available where he can seamlessly integrate your company logo or message throughout each show – making it truly unique!

Good to have a wedding magician!

Table magic is a perfect way to entertain guests at a wedding and create a special atmosphere. The magician goes from table to table and amazes the guests with his tricks and illusions. In doing so, he can also cater specifically to the bride and groom and offer them a very special show.

Secret guests, especially magicians, offer a unique twist to events by blending seamlessly with the crowd before unveiling their talents unexpectedly. This method transforms a standard gathering into an immersive magical experience, making the magic feel personal and direct.

Magicians engaging as secret guests perform close-up magic, mentalism, or use everyday objects to astonish guests, enhancing the event’s impact through the element of surprise. This intimate approach ensures the performance is not just viewed but experienced, leaving a memorable impression of wonder. Perfect for parties, corporate events, or weddings, a secret guest magician adds a layer of enchantment, making each interaction unforgettable.

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